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    Life in Black & White | Our lives are defined by opportunities. Even the ones we miss. | F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss. - F. Scott Fitzgerald #quote #fscottfitzgerald #gatsby #love #brooklynashy #wisdom ✯ B R O O K L Y N ✯

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    F. Scott Fitzgerald. #quote #inspiration #thoughts #life

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To many. All those whom I have past by may have had something they needed help with. For all I know, half of them commuted suicide! I can't accept that about myself.


the fault in our stars Inspirational Quotes and Sayings #tattoo #quote #quotes #words of #wisdom


Pride and Prejudice Quote

Hemingway. One of the best.

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Have to remember this.

They usually tell you to run away because they are not really interested in you. They like you but they know already that they will hurt you. So dont do it if you dont want to be hurt. Run, when they say run.

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

To all the engaged couples out there.... Remember, your vows include the "rainy days," and there will be some rainy days. But here's wishing you an abundance of sunny ones.

This is perfect for a story I'm writing...

Oh, I've known quite a few people like this. They can't come right out and say anything either, so they ever so subtly step on your toes with snide remarks and insults, and then when you call them out on it, they feign innocence/hurt feelings and make you look like a bad guy to those ignorant enough to believe them. The best thing I ever did, was walk away from it.


All you ever had was words, but words were never enough. You saw it and heard it in my voice, but I wasn't worth anything else to you.


Ahem... For all those women who say they aren't feminists. Why not? Feminism is about equality. That's it.



-Tyler Knott Gregson

hell is something you carry with you...