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    Molly - this is what a friend is -- #Sherlock

    Sherlock & Molly

    Sherlock and Molly



    Wait a minute a sword what do I need this for?! I thought I was just looking at dead bodies not helping to kill them!

    Jim being surprisingly helpful. What if he hadn't have been there?

    I love River Song. can't help it. don't want to

    Robin Helps Batman

    *dies* Click to see the gif....

    I don't want Sherlock and Molly to happen because that would just be out of character for him, but I immensely enjoyed this episode!

    Seems helpful :)

    Sherlock realizing he hurt Molly when he meant to help her... But look how he cares for Molly Hooper...

    Dr. John Watson helping Sherlock Holmes (as portrayed in the BBC series "Sherlock") through some rough, drug-induced times.

    "My headcanon is that Molly knows Sherlock is alive because she helped him do the dying trick also he stays with her for a while that is my headcanon." <- Same.

    Yes, yes to this. I noticed that while he was dying the people he thought of for help were for their specific areas--Molly for her medical knowledge, Anderson for forensics, and Mycroft for logic and basic deduction. But I never thought of the deeper meaning.

    GUYS. I DIDN'T realize it until JUST NOW. Originally he wanted to be a pirate, something bad. And he could have been too. He definitely was genius enough to succeed easily. He could have made so much money & been such a master at it like Moriarty was...but he changed his mind. He decided to help people instead of preying on them. He decided to be a consulting detective instead of a consulting criminal. He decided to be good. And THAT RIGHT THERE says SO much about Sherlock's character. <---THIS

    Setlock 5.6.13

    Young Moriarty

    Repin if you appreciate John and Sherlock's companionship, *not* Johnlock. (I don't ship it. Not canonical, don't support it. They are just the best friends ever.)