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Most people are saying that they could never work out...HAVE A LITTLE MORE FAITH IN POOR SHERLOCK, PEOPLE!!! Molly teaches him how to feel love, she's the only one he could ever be romantically involved with.

Molly - this is what a friend is -- #Sherlock Molly should be his best friend... She's awesome!

Can we just talk about how Molly was the first person to pop in his mindpalace when Mary shot him,he could have thought of John to help him but no he thought of Molly.

I do look good both ways though, with collar and without. -SH

Just Sherlock being Sherlock....when I saw the head in the fridge....hahaha I was like "...OH! There's a head in the fridge! A HEAD IN THE FRIDGE!" xD

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GRAMMAR MATTERS! :) (even when the solar system doesn't) Oh Sherlock, our minds are so alike. Scarily enough...

This is why we would be soul mates. I always wanted to be a pirate.

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I love that there is no real explanation. John just goes on with life like it's normal for Sherlock to return covered in blood with a harpoon.

Wait a minute a sword what do I need this for?! I thought I was just looking at dead bodies not helping to kill them!

Jim being surprisingly helpful. What if he hadn't have been there?

Robin Helps Batman. I feel like the villians let this happen because they thought Robin was cute.(And it was funny to watch Batman doing these things for Robin)

Sherlock and Molly