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McDonaldland Happy Meal Cookies #80's

80s McDonald's happy meal toys. My mom was awesome and made sure we got the whole Muppets collection!

Mcdonalds happy meal toys from the 80s

70s movie viewer. LOVED this when I was a kid!

I remember these Fraggle Rock Happy Meal toys from McDonalds in the mid 80's. The only one I recall owning the eggplant, 2nd from the left.

The 80s were a great time to be a kid: everything was a toy, even wrist watches! Watchimals were plush toy wristwatches released by Hasbro in...

Polly Pocket! I had like a million of these things! I would love to have them again for Marley to play with.

My Pet Monster | The 14 Ultimate Toy Lines Of The #80s For Boys We used to watch the Cartoon on Saturday mornings!!

Mattel's classic See 'n Say toy. Had one of these... worked great, until Bekah came along and the letters were off. Then it was just confusing.