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For Mom: - Pre-Registration Papers - Photo ID - Insurance Card - Camera and/or Video Camera - 2-3 Nightgowns - Robe - Slippers and/or Socks - Comfortable going home outfit - Nursing or Sports Bra - A few extra pairs of comfortable underwear - Toiletries / Make-Up - Maxi-Pads. The hospital will provide pads but you may want to bring your own, super duper pads. - Breast pads and Breast cream - Electronics and/or a book to keep you entertained and relaxed. - Cell phone to share…

WHAT TO PACK IN YOUR OVERNIGHT BAG: 1. Comfy clothes: PJ's or loungewear 2. Bras, Underwear & Nursing Pads 3. Warm socks & Slippers 4. Robe (we love ones with deep pockets) 5. Homecoming outfit for you and baby--remember, you’ll be about the same size you were when you were 5 months pregnant 6. Toiletries (don’t forget pads, hair ties, etc.) 7. Your paperwork (your birth plan, insurance cards) 8. Phone charger, laptop, camera 9. A small gift for your partner :) 10. Bellybar…

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5 Under $50: Love21 Maternity

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Sexy, adjustable, hands-free pumping AND a nursing bra?

The Dairy Fairy - AWESOME new nursing bra! A bra that you can ADJUST based on your bra size of that moment! Plus, can pump on one side while nursing on the other!