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    AAU Nationals in Dallas, Texas on GoFundMe - $140 raised by 5 people in 15 hours. Please support this AAU Basketball Team who are very near and dear to my heart. These are good boys who love the game of basketball and are honored to have been invited to Nationals! Even a dollar helps. Thanks in advance!


    this is too adorable

    oh my gawd. SO fn cute.

    Anyone know what kind of spider this is?!!

    Chocolate chip cookie dough dip


    Ten Uses for Dryer Sheets {1} Roll up a new dryer sheet and place it inside the toilet paper roll - each time it spins it will freshen the room. {2} Use a used dryer sheet as a tack cloth for sawdust from drilling or sanding. {3} Clean your iron by ironing over a new dryer sheet with the iron set on low. {4} Use a used dryer sheet to polish glass on mirrors and windows after cleaning - it will leave them gleaming. {5} Place a new dryer sheet inside your shoes overnight to deodorize. {6} Used dryer sheets can be used as interfacing for appliques. {7} Keep your camping gear and sleeping bags fresh by storing a new dryer sheet in side each before you roll up and pack them away. {8} Remove soap scum from the shower by rubbing a damp used dryer sheets on the doors and walls. {9} Cut your new dryer sheets in half - they work just as well and last twice as long. {10} Make your own fabric freshener spray by placing 3-4 new dryer sheets in a spray bottle, add one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, and fill the bottle with warm water.

    Homemade Snickers Bars


    Will Ferrell

    My California.

    Colored hair tips

    lose weight!

    I feel healthier just by looking at this green smoothie! I make mine very similar to this one, except I use fruit juice or coconut milk as a base and I add plain greek yogurt instead of almond milk. YUM

    Dear sweatpants & hoodies, thanks for being there for me. Sincerely, sexy and I know it, but too lazy to show it.

    a new kind of cupcake...

    Red Beans and Rice



    fun farewellls...chop chop, lollipop


    Great site, already planned menus, plus they give you a complete shopping list on top of it! Score!

    cone cakes

    Wine wine wine