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Fontini Spring 2013. Absolutely in love!

April showers bring may flowers. What do May Flowers bring? Pilgrims.

would also be great for a couple standing still for an engagement photo

(Open RP) The rain pours and pours. It hasn't stopped for days and this is no exception. I see a red headed girl under a black umbrella, she is looking down and she seem sad. I stare at her through the crowd of people and I realize the city is bustling around me. "Excuse me!!" Someone shouts in my ear. I quickly turn around and accidentally trip over someone or something, and I land in someone's arms. I look up,"I'm so sorry!" I say (can someone be the girl he runs into? Please?)

2.8.13. it's cold & raining off & on, but there is always the promise of the RainBow

Kate's Matthew Williamson dress is from the British designer's pre-fall 2012 collection and features the design house's signature flourishes - turquoise beading and gold detail

Rainy day | wet | walk | rain | umbrella | puddle | water |