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In the South, 'honey' can be a term of endearment or a dire warning. Along with "bless her heart"!

Do you admire my Southern drawl? We speak like this because it's too hot to talk any faster! Texas?

Funny Family Ecard: Here in the South, we don't hide crazy We parade it on the front porch and give it a cocktail.

I went to the South for vaca during the storm, this is true

Kinda want to put this in my classroom. What do all y'all think?

I am a yankee and always will be. But this IS true. ----- I love NY, but d@mn I hate all the liberal BS up North. Hence the reason I'm still here :D

The South- perfect explanation....but "ain't" is in my vocabulary.

Meanwhile Somewhere In The South (found this on the 'popular' category on pinterest and noticed that that phone number looked familiar.. then realized this was in Effingham..)

I'm new(er) to the south, but say a lot of these things. Persnickety might be my favorite.

Engraved and Hand Distressed Painted Sign by SouthwoodMillwork, $19.99

The second half is pretty great with all the slang terms we use. Goodness knows I'll need this is we end up in yankee land

I wasn't born in the south but I did spend many years in the South raising my kids.