absorption experiments - gummy bears in water - Fun activity to do with Brownie's Wonders of Water Journey

Gummy Bear Science

Gummy Bear Science (from Science for Kids)

gummy bear experiments

Dancing raisins activities. Lots of fun experiments. I have done this experiment, and seen the entire class become silent out of curiosity. It is a great engagement piece for a lesson, and it can be hands on if you ask for volunteers!

Ice Cube Experiment - Can you pick up an ice cube using a piece of thread? Find out how in this simple science experiment for kids.

35 Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic. These would be great for an intro activity, or a day when you need to fill some time, such as before a break.

Science for Kids- Whit flower in colored water science experiment. Kids will love this one!

Edible Chemistry Kit. Fun science gift website.

homeschool science projects

Cool science experiment with gobstoppers and water. Why don't the colors mix? That's the experiment.

The 'Walking' Water Experiment

Balance Scale

What is blood made of A hands on science demonstration 300x508 Human Body Activities for Kids

Science project.

kids science projects

25 Classic Science Experiments

Awesome Kids Science. Make gummy worms dance!! Perfect for Halloween, a rainy day or anytime you're in the mood for some seriously cool science.