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  • Tammy Crenshaw

    Heros don't wear capes, they wear dog tags.

  • Treat Him Right

    Thanks to all you Pawsome Military Heroes!!

  • Penina Rybak

    Happy Memorial Day and Thanks to All the Troops! Re-Pinned by Penina Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH CEO Socially Speaking LLC YouTube: socialslp Facebook: Socially Speaking LLC Website: Socially Speaking™ App for iPad:

  • Robin Kavanaugh

    Thank you, Veterans!!!! <3

  • Jodi

    Thank you to all my family and friends (and those I don't even know) that have served or are currently serving to defend our freedom and the freedom of others. Happy Veterans Day!!

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Real Heroes So true! I'm tired of false heroes and "role-models". Reality (right) tv. Kardashians and all the other idiots I never hear the end of. Are we really that afraid of facing real life head to head in this society that we must divert ourselves with false beauty and fame? Scary.

I hope anyone in her shoes would do the same exact thing. That is true selflessness and love.

A memorial to honor U.S. veterans within the community of Anthem, AZ. At precisely 11:11am each year on 11-11, the sun aligns through elliptical holes in each of 5 marble pillars in order to perfectly illuminate a round mosaic inlaid into the bricks; the Great Seal of the United States. The symbolism of 5 pillars standing in formation in order to protect the U.S. & to complete the solar illumination represents U.S. military branches working together in security & defense of American citizens

for one reason or another i don't always express what i feel inside or appreciate and notice, 'tis the quiet way you work, the concern you have for the small but to me they are special

The words I have for the men and women who put people who they do not know and will never know ahead of themselves - at the risk of their own lives - deserve more of my gratitude than I will ever be able to fully express

sure you have a few scars and a couple bad memories, but then again, all great heros do #favorite #strong

Hero Sign $20.00, via Etsy. Seriously describes about every Military-Brat I know. -

It would be nice if the republican congress would treat the veterans that go to war for us as well as they treat corporations that profit form the those very same wars.

This 4th remember: Freedom isn’t free. Remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to allow you to celebrate. Remember those who keep you free. get more only on freefacebookcover...

Hometown Hero "I Promise"