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i love wrist tattoos

tattoo for wrist

Where there is love, there is life

breathe wrist tattoo

"A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humilty, sacrifice and love. may that beautiful life be yours always."

Tree of Life Infinity Tree Wall Decor by HumdingerDesignsEtsy, $240.00

Stay true, stay you

"Smile :)" wrist tattoo. Love it.


bird wrist tattoo.

Euphoria, it means "A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness"

i love you to the moon and back! #tattoo #wrist

Glorious Wrist Tattoos #tattoo #ink #art #wrist #arm

Awesome twist to the normal compass idea, and it fits well with how I feel about life.

wanderlust wrist ink.

"My Chains Are Gone" wrist tattoo.

flower watercolor tattoo on girls wrist

Temporary Chanel wrist tattoos

Chemical structure for Seratonin, which is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that makes us feel happy and rewarded. So the tattoo is a daily reminder that I can be happy without drugs or money or a happy family— or any external factors. I just have to want it and I just have to work at it. This tattoo was done by Jules at Freaky’s in Boulder, CO.