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    Eilinn has trained with me for over a year. I thought she couldn't look any more amazing...then she did Rebellion! Visit www.juliabuckley.... to join my online gym and start your journey to becoming my next success story.

    If someone won't let go of who you were in the past, you might have to leave them behind with the old you. Growth is healthy.

    If you're not a hot sweaty mess at the end of a HIIT workout, you probably did it wrong. ;-)

    Seriously, how do people who never exercise not go raving mad? I don't always feel like it, but it does keep me sane!

    When you're struggling in your workout and you feel like you've got to quit, ask yourself this comfort-zone expanding question and blast through that mental block. Works for me!

    If I'd seen these beauties before my wedding day I'd totally have worn them down the aisle!


    Want these tights so much!

    Is it wrong for fat loss to be your reason for exercising? My thoughts...

    Am I right?

    Special baked eggs - super easy! Spinach, tinned toms, pinch of chili flakes and, of course, eggsies. Just crack eggs over the other ingredients and bake in the oven.

    New blog post - HOW TO Exercise Because You Love Your Body - Not Because You Hate It. Easy to say, but not so hard to do either once you get your mind right.

    I struggled for ages with full press-ups, my upper body used to be very weak, but I kept chipping away relishing every small improvement and I found that, although it was awesome to eventually master the exercise, the biggest prizes were picked up along the way. - See more at: www.juliasfitness...

    Stop thinking about it and get it done!

    You are not fat. / If you must be defined by an organ in your body, let it be your heart. / #JuliaBFit

    Live with Grrr!

    Bubble Butt Combo: 5 exercises for a hard, round, hot bum! Get ready to feel those buns burning! Breakdown: 1. All-fours straight leg lift 2. All-fours diagonal leg lift 3. Static straight leg hold 4. All-fours bent leg lift 5. All-fours bent leg pulse This clip shows my Bubble Butt sequence from my Challenge XXX fitness prog. Get more info on Challenge XXX here:

    Last call if you want to torch fat with me from Day 1 of Challenge XXX! The new 30-day program starts tomorrow. Now tried-and-tested to deliver amazing fat-loss and body-sculpting results, I believe this is my most effective workout series to date. If you’d like to experience it for yourself you can join right now for just £7 per week and start training with me from tomorrow. All the details are on my website:

    OK folks, here's a challenge for you! This one's a toughie, but so worth it because it totally blasts calories and is ace for sculpting the whole body. You can do it anywhere with zero equipment, so no excuses! Give it a try and lemme know how much your bodyfat cries (that's what sweating is you know ;-))

    Be strong. You never know who you're inspiring. Win free online training with me in my #instacomp! Simply post an image which inspires you and use the tag #JuliaBFit in your caption (doesn't have to be on the image). More details on my Instagram page.

    Last few seconds of box jumps in one of my CXXX workout videos. I nearly died! Trainers struggle too you know. Like I always say, you've got to take the road through Tough Town to get to Progressville! ;-)

    YOU HAVE TO DO THE HARD THINGS. You have to make the call you’re afraid to make. You have to get up earlier than you want to get up. You have to give more than you get in return right away...

    Noo shooz! Vibram FiveFingers KMD Sport LS. Their new fitness shoe. Super-comfy. :-) #vibramfivefingers #gymshoes #barefoot

    HIIT cardio and a short all-body strength sesh for me today. What are you up to?