The Batman Snuggie: Grounds for divorce.

cook like batman

Nerdiest keyboard ever. I love that Batman is the space bar. He works alone. He needs his space!


"Moody Chair" A huge bean-bag like bed/chair with a built in pillow & blanket that you can wrap yourself in.

Hulk Smash Stapler

Batman Van Gogh




If anyone needs a Christmas idea for you go. Friends- "A Moo Point" coffee mug

My favorite game meets my favorite TV show.... YES!

Ignore the MUST go to the website (Amazon) and read the customer reviews...they are hysterical!!

Redneck 6 Pack Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt - Camo (all your outdoor needs) HAHAHA!<3


Jurassic Park ice cubes


by far the coolest thing i've seen all day.