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Unknown woman, formerly known as Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury, by unknown artist, c 1535. This portrait was given to London's National Portrait Gallery in 1931.

A 16th century miniature of Elizabeth of York. She was the daughter of a king (Edward IV), the sister of a king (Edward V), the niece of a king (Richard III), the wife of a king (Henry VII), the mother of a king (Henry VIII), and the grandmother to a king (Edward VI) and two queens (Mary I and Elizabeth I).

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Coronation of Elizabeth of York: Edward IV’s Daughter Finally Queen

Elizabeth of York (11 February 1466 – 11 February 1503) was Queen consort of England as spouse of King Henry VII from 1486 until 1503, and mother of King Henry VIII of England. Elizabeth of York is the only English queen to have been a daughter (of Edward IV), sister (of Edward V), niece (of Richard III), wife (of Henry VII), mother (of Henry VIII) and grandmother (on the paternal side of Mary I, Elizabeth I and Edward VI) of English monarchs.

Jane Parker-Boleyn (Lady Rochford) George's wife. Her testimony against George sealed his fate for a sentence of death.

The War of the Roses began in 1455 when the reign of King Henry VI of the House of Lancaster was challenged by Richard, Duke of York. Richard claimed the king's grandfather Henry IV had usurped the throne from the rightful king Richard II in 1399.

This is the death mask of England's King Henry VII (the father of King Henry VIII), who was the first Tudor monarch and reigned from 1485 to 1509. It is said to be the finest death mask in existence. It's also unusual in that his eyes are open.

Henry VII. He was the founder of the Tudor dynasty, father of Henry VIII. He killed King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, then married Richard's niece Elizabeth.