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    Butterfly Bush-Black Knight (Buddleja davidii). Impressive dark purple flowers & is definitely considered the darkest. Works well in the back of a deep planting border & for screening a fence line or use as a specimen plant. Works fantastically in drought tolerant gardens & has great deer resistance for woodland gardens. Attracts butterflies as well as hummers. Blooms are bigger & more when severely pruned back in spring. Put this in a place where you can enjoy its wonderful fragrance.

    Campanula Glomerata Superba A compact, low growing plant with attractive clusters of purple blue trumpets on erect stems in late summer.  Frost and drought tolerant once established.  Prefers a shaded position.  Ideal for pots and containers, rockeries or garden borders.

    lamium 'purple dragon' shade perennial more drought tolerant than other varieties, needs good soil--possibly plan in raised bed under tree?

    Helleborus Peppermint Ruffles Winter Thrillers. Boasts giant 3" double pink white striped flowers. You get twice the flower show with these double-petalled Shade Plants! We've found that the double-flowered Hellebores tend to remain showy for a much longer period in your garden than the single Hellebores. Deer resistent; drought proof; grows in clay.

    Texas sage . full sun and drought tolerant.

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    I just got an old bed spring. Attaching to gate & making a succulent garden!

    such a beautiful garden.

    Rock Rugs

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    succulents in corks, magnet on the back for hanging

    succulents. love.

    A Visual Compendium of Succulents by frommoontomoon #Infographic #Succulents

    Heritage Succulents Want the effect of fire on your patio but maybe scaled down a bit. Recycle that older fire pit into a succulent and candle planter.

    succulent mosaic ... beautiful. As our summer/fall temps get wackier and water is a resource that we need to be smart about -- succulents (and the things we can do with them) are great garden additions.

    Regrowing food from scraps. One thing that's not on this list is leeks and green onions. Use what you need and leave an inch (for green onions) or two (for leeks) at the base. Stick the base in a bit of water and watch it start growing back by the next day!

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    Building a Grape Trellis, via YouTube. (..grow your own vines .. be more self-sufficient and get healthier.)

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    Mix used coffee grounds with crushed dry egg shells and your tomato plants won't have blossom rot.

    How to plant garlic (one clove produces up to twenty more) - you can always have fresh garlic!

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