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GW Pharmaceuticals Announces Mixed Financial Results -

Alzheimer's Disease and Personality Changes - What you can do

Battle over software could set new IPR precedent - Indian Express -Kensoft Infotech fights for justice against infringement of its Home Finance software(KEN-HFS), making it India's first case of this magnitude in Cyber Crime.

Our response to social media story on processed meat | WCRF UK - World Cancer Research Fund International recommends avoiding processed meat. This is the conclusion of an independent panel of leading scientists who, following the biggest review of international research ever undertaken, judged the evidence that processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer to be convincing. This review was done in 2007 and was subsequently confirmed in 2011.

A study in Australia found that just over half of all children aged 5–7 years (57%) and a third of children aged 8–11 years (32%) ate the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables, but only 5% of people aged 12–18 years and 6% of people 19 years and over did so - Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Study found that in 64% of children with ADHD, the symptoms were caused by food. Dr. Lidy Pessler of the ADHD Research Center in the Netherlands, said in an interview with NPR, “After the diet, they were just normal children with normal behavior. They were no longer more easily distracted. They were no more forgetful. There were no more temper-tantrums."