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    'Pequeno dicionário brasileiro da língua morta - Palavras que sumiram do mapa': Na obra, o jornalista Alberto Villas reúne palavras e expressões curiosas que caíram em desuso na língua portuguesa. A proposta é mostrar como a língua tem um rico vocabulário e ao longo dos anos vem sofrendo mutações ininterruptas.

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Cafés Ruins

Fragmented No. 2 companion piece By Crafty Dogma via Flickr

{ anna wolf } little book

Carlos Gallardo

Julie Shaw Lutts / Memoranda of Important Matters

This is wonderful work. Following the pin does not yield an artist's name.

page 6 ¬ linda vachon / tête de caboche

Susan Bowers

tracemarks. Susan Bowers

Destierros , par Emma Malig (Carnets : Photogravure, technique mixte sur papier ou toiles, 22 x 30 cm)

anne carson + box

The Book of Soil - experimental book-/paper-making project from designer and illustrator Teagan White. All paper is handmade with a combination of fibers including flax, kozo, gampi, abaca, and self-harvested cattails, and a number of pigments and additives. The book has an exposed hardcover binding and measures 4.5″x6″. The illustrations were drawn directly with ink, and the text added via image transfer.”

Carla Cascales


Making Handmade Books: A Cloth Book

Compact Home by Mahmoud Obaidi

Miklos Szüts: scrapbook 20. 2013 watercolor, paper

michele riesenmey

until lambs become lions: Manon Gignoux

memory cage.Memory cage. Artist book .Helena de la Guardia.

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Coptic Stitch Journal, Brown Antiqued Leather (II \/ III). $55.00, via Etsy.

An infographic that could probably help us all. I'm not a fan of the color scheme on this one but I like the use of the magnifying glass.