Stuff green tights full of pillow stuffing and shove him in your tree .. I LOVE this!

elf table leg covers

Awwwwww, too cute! Coffee cans and oatmeal containers. Mad Hatter Christmas tree = : )

Grinch Decorations | My Grinch Christmas Tree! | Christmas Decor

Smart Health Talk Pick: Low cost way to make something that can add something special to a room. Use a small branch, hang on wall and add other decorations to hang on it such as garland or small bulbs.

Two pool noodles are better (and bigger!) than one when it comes to wreath-making. The oversized design offers room for a full rainbow of baubles.

So fun!!

Christmas decorating bar inspiration >> This would be a great idea if you have people visiting leading up to Christmas. Place a few wrapping tools and decorations with a couple full rolls of wrapping paper on a cleared off table in a private area of the house.

Clear glass container filled with glitter beads, sprays - any color to match your holiday decor

Lantern from Lowes for $1.50 filled with christmas ornaments

Cute christmas party idea for kids

Crafting Guys Grinch deco wreath

I like this instead of a traditional wreath - letter wrapped in Christmas tree garland and add lights...perfect for the front porch...

22 Christmas Tree Ideas for All Budgets tjn

Christmas Poops--Snowman Poop, Elf Poop, Reindeer Poop, Grinch Poop, Christmas Mouse Poop, Santa Poop with homemade Christmas gag gifts Not as disgusting as it sounds, I promise! The perfect homemade Christmas gag gift for kids, and those adults who haven't yet grown out of toilet humour (i.e. most people). You can make up a whole platter of all different sorts of Christmas poop. Don't feel that you have to stick rigidly to the types of candy I've suggested - just use whatever you've...

more grinch pills, but with green M & M's {Neighbors, #12days till Christmas, classmates, teachers ~mrm}

Burlap Christmas pillow

.I love a full tree.

Santa key. Great for those who don't have a chimney - such a cute Christmas Eve tradition to start!!