Capital Letters

When to capitalize?


simple and cheap way to practice plural nouns. Fold down flap to make plural word.

Letter Writing Anchor Chart, 16x20

Anchor chart for plural nouns

Great anchor chart!


Simple Writing Checklist Anchor Chart

First Signs Poster – Say It In Sign

fiction, nonfiction anchor chart- helps the kids see the differences

Punctuation Chart

Noun Chart

Personal Narrative Anchor Chart

6 Back-to-School Literacy centers perfect for getting students back into the learning groove. Practices sight words, capitalization and punctuation, initial blends, and short vowels (‘a’ and ‘i’)!

Proper Nouns

Friendly letter format for teaching letters

Great poster to encourage active, critical, and engaged reading.

Point of View Anchor Chart used during middle school guided reading

The Basic Chart Stand by Copernicus is the perfect economical teaching easel for teachers at any grade level; it's flexibility and value is unbeatable.