Too bad it's still so hot out here in So Cal


Happy Fall

Hello October! -SOON!!

Too cool not to pin, enen though October is over. Hello October

green dress, tall boots

Well, hello there, September. a little early in Missouri...usually still too on October !

11 Ways to Add Fall to Your Home - I love all of the creative, gorgeous fall decorating ideas! Makes me excited for Fall!

Hello September ...


I know, it's not really autumn for a few more weeks, but September 1 feels like it's here!

It has felt like fall the last few days...a green fall with spring flowers.

Summertime is my favorite but since we haven't had much cold weather this past fall & winter I'm SOOO ready for it!

Thank you, Lord, for fall


Keep calm and love Autumn...


Sweater weather is my favourite weather

An autumn leaf wish-spell...


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