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    Food Revolutions, Revolutions Pittsburgh

    In 2012, Jamie Oliver spoke from an edible rooftop in Pittsburgh to unite the city to fight against obesity and strive for a better, healthier life!

    Mayor Ravenstahl acknowledges the progress made and the progress to be made in Pittsburgh with regards to children's health.

    Check out what the MBA population in Pittsburg designed to promote Food Revolution Pittsburgh!

    This city was united by the Food Revolution!

    Check out some events hosted in 2013 in Pittsburgh for the Food Revolution!!!

    "[Jamie] Oliver flew in to congratulate Pittsburgh as the first city in America to commit to a 12-month Food Revolution program to improve food in schools, homes, businesses and city government."

    Check out the impactful channel of the PIttsburgh Food Revolution to see what delicious things happened in 2013!

    "There's a revolution on" in Pittsburgh! Read about the clubs formed to strive for a healthier lifestyle!

    Check out all things Food Revolution Pittsburgh Cooking Club on their official website!

    “If we can combine our efforts and unify our expertise, together we can continue the Food Revolution’s amazing work in getting food education at the top of everyone’s agenda.” Jamie O

    Jamie Oliver will talk at the One Young World summit about reversing the obesity epidemic, and becoming a healthier world!

    One Young World conference goes to Pittburgh to talk about how to change the world and make it a healthier place to be!

    Read about resilient Pittsburgh and the different health initiatives the city has pushed for a healthier generation!

    Pittsburgh was inspired by Jamie Oliver's fight for food education, and Obama High School began a cooking club, along with other initiatives to join the cause!

    A year after Jamie Oliver visited the One Young World conference, Pittsburgh kept up with the Food Revolution, the progress stemming from the community, local businesses, and schools.

    Read about Propel Braddock Hills High School, that saw Food Revolution Day as an opportunity to revolutionize the way students saw food and snacks.

    Read about the first year of the Pittsburgh Cooking Club, and how after such a short time, students gained the confidence to expand their culinary knowledge.

    Read about The Edible Schoolyard in Pittsburgh, which aims "to inspire students to become active participants in their own health and the health of their communities by contributing in any way they are able."

    Read about Pittsburgh's schools and their delicious fancy water! Getting kids hydrated in a yummy way!

    Check out what's been happening in Pittsburgh since the Food Revolution began there in 2012!