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Bento for Kidlet: Bunny pancakes

Bring on the bunnies! Today we finally had some nice spring like weather :) This is the last of the pre-grocery store trip bento lunches so.

Bentoriffic's bunny rabbit salad Easter bento lunch in @Kelly Lester / EasyLunchboxes

Bentoriffic's bunny rabbit salad Easter bento lunch in Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Lester / EasyLunchboxes

Easter bunny sandwich

KC lost his first tooth this past Sunday. The tooth itself is MIA – ah well. I did have a Silver Dollar emergency on Sunday of c…

Easter Bunny Kids Lunch

A lot of orange in today’s school lunch, but it has a nice Eater-y feel and works well with the bunnies.

Cute bunny girl sandwich. The girls are cut out using #cutezcute

The Easter bentos I'm sharing today are little girls dressed in bunny suits. I made them in both rice and bread versions. Bunny girls are.

Cute Bunny Rolls

Lunches Fit For a Kid: Recipe: Maple Wheat Bunny Rolls. So cute! Maybe raisins for eyes?