Joy the Baker's 21 Pieces of Advice for a new 21 year old. One: Raw honey and baking soda make a really lovely face scrub. True. Try it! Two: Eat something green everyday. Three: Chill out on the Facebook. Seriously. It’s not real life. Four: Learn how to sew something. Anything. At least learn how to sew your buttons back on your shirts. Five: If your button up shirt is bulging at the boobs… wear another shirt. ...

you're going to hate it much worse.. If you don't like how it is now things will only get worse down the road. Do you want a life like that?

don't marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him

It's a good life!

18 things to promote strong positive thinking

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Don't let idiots ruin your day

❥ no turning back

so true.

trust life

June-Joy. it's easy to take the good things for granted but if I appreciate them, I will realize how fortunate I am and let that joy fill my heart with gratitude.

: ) love being an auntie

eat something good

Love it. And so true.

So yeah, I'm not always the cuddliest cactus to love on. How about you? Here are a few things a husband longs to hear from his wife. Pick on. Say it. Mean it. Do it again. The results are so worth the effort!

If someone is willing to deceive you in a little thing, chances are that sooner or later he'll deceive you in a big thing. SOOOO TRUE!!

Psalm 94:19 "oh my soul rejoice"

The Prudent Pantry: Wise Words. How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be engaged

Love this, so true