......our current summer.....

people wouldn't have to ask me at that point!

True story....

I've got some serious sassy pants on today. WATCH OUT! I feel bad for all of my coworkers. #Sorry

When I say 'Have a nice day'. Remember that the 'fucker' is silent.


This is how I feel every time I want to help people with their spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. Ah, the life of an English nerd...

For real! Everytime!

This is true.

Haha True.


pretty much


I've reached that age where my brain went from 'you probably shouldn't say that' to 'what the hell, let's see what happens'.

Today's forecast calls for near record swamp ass. ecard

Maybe I already am....

Haha yes!

10 Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks (That Drug Companies Dont Want You to Know About)

Let me see-so do the kids!