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exquisite sand-dollar shell fossil

Echinoid Fossil

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Echinoid Fossil a sand dollar with fingers

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Trilobite fossil. Over 17,000 known species roamed the oceans for over 270 million years. All gone now...

Sells Seashells

Seashells Starfish

Seashells Galore

Sea Shells

Shells Urchin

Pink Shells

Sea Life

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Things Beach

Pink sand dollar

Philippines Beautiful

Bohol Philippines

Seashells Ocean

Seashells Urchins

Passion Seashells

Nature Sand

Living Sand

Kac Shells

Sea Shells

Sand Dollar, Bohol, Philippines

Willowleaf Minerals

Minerals Jasper

Minerals Semi Gems

Madagascar Photo

Jasper Madagascar

Nautilus Seashell

Fossilized Nautilus

Chambered Nautilus

Pearly Nautilus

#nautilus #jasper #fossil

Sea Biscuits

Sea Urchins

Coastal Style

Coastal Living

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Living Sea

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sand dollars

Pavement Lyme

Pavement Dorset

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Monmouth Beach

Ammonite Pavement

Regis Dorset

Dorset England

Ammonite pavement in Lyme Regis, Dorset, Great Britain - a World Heritage site

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Fossilized Sand

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Sea Shells

sand dollar fossil

Sea Shells Coral Starfish

Sea Treasure S Seashells

Seashells Urchins

Tibia Fusus

Shells Spirals

Conchas Shells

Conchas Do

Nature Shells

The Philippines

Tibia fusus from the Philippines, 19cm. Spiral shells #spirals More

Sells Seashells

Conchas Seashells

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These rounded, weathered rocks are fossilized corals.

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Fossils Shells

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150 million years old fossil of a sea anemone. Dorset, England

Gastropod Snail

Opalized Gastropod

Opalized Fossil

Opalized Snail

Gastropod Fossil

A9Raux Minerals

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opalised gastropod

Valley Skardu

Shigar Valley

Valley Baltistan

District Baltistan

Skardu District

Aquamarine Crystal

Gem Crystal

Rocks Crystal

Elegant Aquamarine

Aquamarine with Cleavelandite and Muscovite

Etsyfrom Etsy

Inclusion (insect fossil) in Baltic amber. (EM118)

Inclusion Insect

Fossil Inclusion

Years Gemstones

Amber Gemstones

Amber Insect

Rings Baltic

Baltic Amber Necklace

Amber Baltic

Amber Amber

Baltic amber, with an insect fossil inclusion (dated 30+ million years old).

Fractals In Nature

Art In Nature

Fibonacci In Nature

Spirals In Nature

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Nature Science

Neritina Communis

Zigzag Nerite

Illustrating Variation

Shells of Neritina communis (zigzag nerite)

Spiral Forms

Spiral Shell

Spiral Shape

Shells Flickr

Ancient Shells

Ancient Spirals

Fractal Spiral

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Nature

Ammonites at the Smithsonian. Originating from within the bactritoid nautiloids, the ammonoid cephalopods first appeared in the Devonian (circa 400 million years ago) and became extinct at the close of the Cretaceous (65.5 Ma) along with the dinosaurs.

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