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  • Chelle Costabile

    Interactive Notebook - middle school teacher blog

  • Jennifer Liang

    Ideas for Interactive Notebook- great blog, AND it's by a middle school teacher I love, love, LOVE using ISNs for social studies. I'll have to figure out a way to adapt for language arts.

  • lauren levy

    Look at science notebooking and ressoruces on the bottom - Step by step guide to interactive notebooks. TONS of pics

  • Brandi Crane-Black

    Classroom notebooks by units

  • Kari Sjursen

    Step by step guide to interactive notebooks. ideas are for Social Studies and Language Arts

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The Middle School Mouth: ELA Interactive Notebooks

78 blank templates specially designed to work in your interactive notebooks. These templates also work well in lapbooks. YES YOU CAN! You may use these templates in your own TpT products. You will receive these files in 2 formats – a PDF version ready to print and a PowerPoint version ready to edit.

Interactive notebooks are taking classrooms by storm! These 1000 + templates give you all you need to design your own graphic organizers and foldables for your INB. Some customer quotes: "Amazing! I feel "template rich" now! Thanks!", "Wow, these are amazing!" and "Love it. This provides the variety the kids need.". Check it out for yourself!

Great use of interactive notebooks in Language Arts for the intermediate grades.

My blog: themiddleschoolmo.... Check it out. Mostly about interactive notebooks in language arts classes.

Ms. Smith's Interactive Notebook - doing this especially for the factoring/multiples concepts. I always get that mixed up. Love that she uses visuals with the letters to help in remembering.

The Middle School Mouth: language arts. Interactive student notebooks.

Interactive Notebooks--would be good for taking notes on literary elements especially (using colored pencils to make the key ideas stand out since study skills are such a weakness)

Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks ~ Teaching Literary Elements with Common Core Alignment for Grades 4-8. Some Topics: plot, setting, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, internal conflict, external conflict, characterization, point of view, theme, tone and mood, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, allusion, onomatopoeia, and MORE! See TpT listing for table of contents, CCSS alignment, and samples!

Another great guide for interactive notebooks. I want to find a way to work these in with bellringers- maybe a 5-subject notebook? Still interactive, but then the first section could be bellringers, and the others organized into categories. Always open for ideas!

Notebook Foldables that: provide graphics to aid comprehension and memory provide duplicable front tabs that generate student responses on the back of tabs, underneath tabs, and on the notebook pages