Vintage Movie Camera - 1960's Bell and Howell

Vintage Movie Camera - Bell and Howell vintage movie camera. I could add this to the growing collection I've started for the fella. Vintage cameras make the prettiest decorations around the house.


We give you the Hasselblad 500 Series camera .



Elliott Erwitt's Leica M3

Elliot Erwitt's well worn Leica and Summilux by Eyepenn (Andrew) I wold love to have an old camera like this

Michelle - Blog #Vintage Camera - le macchine fotografiche nel tempo.

My vintage camera shelf. All fully working and had a roll of film or two through them since I bought them.

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Thank you to my customer in Gold Coast, Australia who purchased 2 products! Enjoy your Vintage Brillant Camera iPad Mini Case

This camera is absolutely amazing and the color scheme is the same as my next-door neighbor's art deco house! (Deco Kodak Eastman bellows camera)

Kodak Eastman: Petite ’Step Pattern’ Price Guide: estimate a camera value

1948 "Nikon I" the first Nikon model made. I could stare at this camera for days, I love everything about it.

1948 "Nikon I" the first Nikon model made. I could stare at this camera for…

Camera. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits #vintagecameras

Camera. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits #vintagecameras

Chicago camera.

(Cage Free Studio): Retro 1933 Chicago World's Fair camera -- keeps us rooted in history and innovation.