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  • Rainie Bennett

    Women are all beautiful. The top women aren't hotter, nor are the bottom! You aren't helping a body positive movement by putting down skinny girls. We are ALL beautiful the way we are!

  • I Might Be Robin

    HELL YEAH! You know, I am so SICK of all the crap floating around that shame one body type in order to validate another. People make such horrible comments about skinny women... assuming that they are un healthy, or calling them "scarey"... or saying "she should eat a sandwich"...claiming that "real women have curves"... etc etc etc. You know what I say? F*CK THAT! Come on! Women come in ALL shapes and sizes. I don't advocate that women starve themselves to achieve a size 0, but I also don't advocate over eating and being obese. Just because a woman has curves does not make her any more "real" than someone who doesn't. We need to stop body shaming. We need to stop the crude remarks. We need to stop making fun of fat people, we need to stop making fun of thin people, and we MUST STOP making fun of women (and men) who suffer from anorexia. These people are in as much pain as those who suffer from a food addiction. It is an illness that requires a little bit of love and understanding. Love and accept women for who they are as a person, and not what their clothing size is. The body shaming must end!

  • Nani Ross

    I love this because a lot of people think they are doing good by saying oh curvy women are beautiful and being skinny is in attainable so skinny women are bad or anorexic. They say this to make curvy women feel better but the truth is they are making skinny people feel self conscious or ugly. I am tired of people always putting down people with the opposite body type. Body type should not be a beauty standard. All women are beautiful, no matter what they look like.

  • Kellie Radic

    exactly. I am so sick of seeing people hate on curvy girls, and more recently, skinny girls - every body type can be beautiful as long as a positive attitude shines through!

  • Megan Jean

    Wow finally.....a positive message about body image that doesn't bash every opposite body type

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....yeah thats stupid...making smaller women try to feel insecure because you do....thats nice

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I need to read this over and over as I push myself to be something I might not be need to be...skinny!!!

Shared this on Facebook last week. LOVE this woman. Starting now. (Well, starting last week.)