Get that clutter off the counter tops.

OMG I LOVE THIS.. - mandie utensil draw pull out

If you hate counter clutter: a pullout holds cooking tools and the little drawer has pot holders and towels. I admire the concept, but I hate having to pull out a drawer to grab a spatula. My stuff is on the counter all the time.

Creative Counter Space...under the silverware drawer, remove that storage area, instead of a pullout table, we could add a pull out garbage can...therefore eliminating the bulkiness of the one we have. then, we could utilize the area above the microwave for pots and pans...the ones mom doesn't cook with regularly

Seriously...why is this not the norm?

Kitchen Recycle Center Design - three drawer look

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Built in bins for non-refrigerated produce.

This should be standard in homes! Genius! I want!

incredible kitchen ideas modular Wonderful Kitchen Ideas decorating I like this idea instead of utensils in a drawer or in a container on the counter top -m-

hidden pop-up outlet

DIY Slide Out Drawers. This should be done under any & every kitchen sink!

Momma needs a Pot and Pan Drawer.

Very nice message center, place for keys, etc... And it's hidden! (even better)

Built-in kitchen storage

Add a built in wine refrigerator and under cabinet lighting for the ultimate wet bar experience.

DIY kitchen organizing

Ten amazing why-didn't-I-think-of-that organization solutions

Kitchen Cabinets - Would love to remodel my pantry section to something like this!

So much better than trying to stack them!

Kitchen decor