Love the storage between the washer and dryer.

Hidden (Dirty) Laundry For apartment dwellers and those with limited space, a hideaway laundry room is the best option. Compact washer/dryer units make it easy to conceal the laundry room. With a sliding door, even a small hallway closet can be converted


My space is small so organizing up is the best way to go and I also need a place to hang wet clothes that I don't dry. Use laundry organization solutions such as wire shelving and keep laundry soap close by to the washer

Quick tips for organizing laundry rooms.

Quick Tips for Organizing Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are stepping away from pure practicality and into chic rooms with multifunctional uses. Peek into these laundry rooms, both large and small, from past HGTV homes for decorating ideas you can re-create in your own space.

Happy laundry room! Eeeks! I love the hidden washer/dryer!!! Bi-fold doors, so you could open both to take clothes from washer to dryer. Very cool.  I want them in my little laundry room...then, I want to paint them a pretty color.  Maybe Robin's egg blue.

Laundry Room Design Basics

Get-out-of-the-way-folding doors on a laundry cabinet. Hidden washer and dryer behind lower cabinet doors from Jones Design Company via Atticmag

Imperial Mosaic - Thassos and Ming Green

A great example of how adding wallpaper and a fun light fixture can dress up even a laundry room, Elle Decor

Magnetic Ironing Mat Laundry Pad Washer Dryer Cover Board Heat Resistant Blanket Specifications:

Magnetic Ironing Mat Laundry Pad Washer Dryer Cover Board Heat Resistant Blanket

Quilted Ironing Mat Boards- This makes way more sense than dragging an ironing board out: Quilted ironing board with magnets for the top of the dryer! -- no more wrestling with the ironing board!

Laundry room but in english

Love the pull-out drying rack beneath the shelf, the hanging ironing board and using glass containers to hold laundry soap and products. Laundry room of my dreams. Pathetic, I know, that I dream of well-organized & spacious laundry rooms.

Nice laundry closet @ MyHomeLookBookMyHomeLookBook

Laundry closet Something to go between the washer and dryer to put supplies on, matching baskets for storage. maybe a brighter color on the walls