Shower Rod against back wall with wire hanging baskets for tub toy storage

Add An Extra Shower Curtain Rod To The Shower And Hang Caddies From It To Save Space.

Curtain rod with shower curtain hooks to hang up utensils in the kitchen

Store and organize board games in a hanging shoe organizer.

Use French Cleats to hang pictures that will always stay straight. The hardware on the back of the picture simply hooks over the hardware on the wall.

Small desk organizers screwed onto walls in tiny places for optimal storage

An excellent idea for my bathroom, since I have almost zero wall space: towel bars attached to the door! (Except where would I hang my bathrobe, then? Hmm….)

idea for soft toys storage

Someone thought this out; that is one fantastic sandbox cover!

$2 sink caddies velcroed to pantry wall for all the little stuff.

hang pans on curtain rod

If you have tons of bottles in the shower, you can easily organize them by simply adding another shower rod. Hang small baskets from the shower rod to keep shampoo and conditioner as well as shaving supplies, bath sponges and soaps off the shower wall.

Contemporary 3/4 Bathroom - Find more amazing designs on Zillow Digs!

Instantly hang a second panel behind existing curtains using a bungee cord. brilliant!!

Curtain rod & shower curtain hooks. Really like this idea for organizing kids stuff. (This whole post is about their organized playroom)

Use shower baskets to stick to the window on road trips.

Organize Cleaners - Use a tension rod (the rods you use for hanging shower curtains). Just stick it between the left and right side of your sink cabinet and hang up your bottles of cleaner.

Organizing Canned Foods - 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home

Hidden trash can/island with storage

Bath tub wine holder!

Shower hook DIY04