Shower Rod against back wall with wire hanging baskets for tub toy storage

16 Amazing Do It Yourself Home Ideas

Genius!!!! 2nd shower curtain rod used to hang caddies full of toiletries

Bathtub Organizer ~ Place the shower curtain rod on the wall beside bathtub. Hang the baskets on this rod for storage, so the toys and shampoos and soaps aren’t all over the place

chalkboard wall

Self Stick tiles for wire shelving. DUH! Genius. I hate my wire shelves! My stuff always falls through and tips over.

Oh! How Pinteresting! I have too!!!

I definitely need to do this. It would totally make my life easier!

shower curtain hooks on a rod to hang jewelry

Pre-order your Shopping Cart Hammock™. Okay. I don't have a baby anymore, but I'm pinning because this thing is brilliant!

I never would've thought of this!

Smart idea!

Tension Rod Pantry Dividers

Someone thought this out; that is one fantastic sandbox cover!

Amazing way to hide ugly built in tubs. #Recipes

Small desk organizers screwed onto walls in tiny places for optimal storage

Why didn't I think of this when I had a mantel? Two, yes, just two Christmas stocking holders suspending a standard curtain rod for hanging multiple stockings. It doesn’t get much easier (or cheaper) than that and looks great too!!!

Use French Cleats to hang pictures that will always stay straight. The hardware on the back of the picture simply hooks over the hardware on the wall.