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Please take your time out of your life and read this. This is a very cute and sad story, and if it's really true, then I'm happy for the man who adopted the Black Lab, and I think they should make a book/movie out of this.
I have pinned this human showing the love he has for his "family" member. This guy is my Hero.  I can only wish that he and I are not the only two who believe like this.  I learned in combat that you never leave "one of your own". I will never leave one of my own unless I die while trying to bring my entire family out with me. Amen.
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God bless Oogy n all the other poor defenceless animals that fall into the hands of the devil. Those people should have the same done to them as these poor souls do. And its amazing how much they still love n thts all they want in return. Is tht so much to ask just to Love. Thank you to the awesome person tht saved Oogys life n hope many more will find their way to forever happy loving homes! Saving their lives is a must all dogs all animals all breeds we r their voices!♥.
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A butcher who witnessed this event said that even when the body was moved to the side of the road, the male dog continued to cuddle against his dead lover's body, unwilling to leave her side.   The depth of animal intensity and love is never quite known or understood by humans. Perhaps this story will make you realize just how emotionally sensitive and strong other animals can be.  - This is the kind of love I want to be in. Dedication even after we parish.
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