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Looks like my next build

You can only have one: Choose your Weapon HQ Photos)

@762tactical "Things that make me happy" LWRC M6A3 Remington 870 Tactical M92 PAP M&P CORE w/RMR Sig P320RX"

" "Things that make me happy" LWRC Remington 870 Tactical PAP M&P CORE w/RMR Sig

On Point Firearms

The ultra-compact LWRC is here and mission ready. **checks calendar and Drudge Report** Wait, that.

Fn 5.7 with compensator

FN Herstal The Five-seveN pistol was developed in conjunction with the FN personal defense weapon and uses the same ammo. a friend has this and a they are wonderful

Future rifle design - with HUD and LCD screens, why do we need to aim down the barrel? We don’t, and here is how such a weapon design could look (by Ken Lunde, via Danger Room)

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Grenade launcher

Metal Storm - 3 shot semi automatic modular grenade launcher- you know, for home defense.

A 249 shouldn't be suppressed because freedom, but okay

But nothing like the sound of a belt fed going cyclic to get the heart pumping

HK53 with a Beta C-mag

By Cooking up some advanced weapons for a shoot today… HK full auto 300 BLK with a 100 round Beta C-Mag, IR Hunter thermal scope and a Omega suppressor.