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    Love Your Neighbor + Getting Fit + Divorcing the old man + Marrying the young man + having babies + telling it like it is + losing friends + gaining real friends + being ME

  • Monique Latimer

    wise words...

  • Ashley Whaley

    Don't live life with regrets - do the crazy things.

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Follow through.

Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people. - Martina Navratilova

Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others light.

Eat Chocolate ~ Drink Wine ~ Sleep Naked

"I can't do it all and I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay with? Continuing to pretend like I can because it's burdening me with a guilt I do not deserve." - Sili

How Hope Kept My Travel Life Alive.

Goodmorning love...bestest wishes for a wonderful wonderful day...tightttt (((((((((())))))))))) and tonssss of kissesssss...


HOW TO SAY NO WITHOUT RUINING REALTIONSHIPS! This doesn’t mean that you say no to everything and everyone all the time, but that you carefully evaluate each opportunity in light of your long-term priorities and goals and your current responsibilities — and say “no” when something is not a good fit.


In the end I am the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life

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You Decide.

Don't let anyone shrink your awesome in order to fit into their limited world.

What I've learned about joy and now.

FREE Joshua 1:9 printable

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

Gratitude brings abundance by Anthony Robbins

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