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  • Gabriela Maldonado

    Who owns what in the food industry? (infographic) --- 10 companies in the US control almost 100% of the "choices" that we have when it comes to consumer products. -- Support Alternatives, Support Local, Support Choice

  • Sustainable Table

    From @Grist .org: Multinational food companies sell everything, from polo shirts to tampons- Fascinating infographic. See how multinational corps dominate not only the food system, but also have a stake in everything from clothing to cosmetics.

  • Trey Scarpa

    The Illusion of Choice. This wonderful visualization shows how amazing marketing can be. 10 companies in the US control almost 100% of the "choices" that we have when it comes to consumer products. We feel that we have a choice, but not really. In MBA school they teach us about two marketing strategies, "house of brands" or "branded house." This is an excellent example how how massively successful "house of brands" can become.

  • Cristina

    El mercado mundial controlado por 10 marcas. The international market controlled by 10 companies.

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