The true size of Africa. Think about it before you get on a bus...

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Rainbow Fluorite from South Africa Photo : © Joanned Dusatko

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31. Earth’s Population by Latitude and Longitude

#Africa. I've been to morocco, but I definitely want to see more of Africa!


Africa is beautiful ✨ I would love to help ppl in need and see the sights! It would be a great experience.

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ghana, west africa They are beautiful !

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15 World Map of Population Proportions. For the mathematically inclined, this map has restructured the world’s countries to accurately represent their population as opposed to confining it to landmasses, and demonstrates just how much of the world’s population lives in India. One grid square equals one million people.

35 Amazing Places In Our Amazing ,World.Semonthong Warerfall,Lestho.

We Have Been Misled By An Erroneous Map Of The World For 500 Years. Featured in the West Wing, this is anything but fictional.

Blyde River Canyon is Mpumalanga, South Africa. It is a 26 km long, 2500 deep canyon covered with vegetation, making it the largest green canyon in the world. Read more: AfricVilla: Today's photo: Blyde River Canyon, South Africa African News Follow us: @africvilla on Twitter

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