to get rid of the "treasure box" rewards.

Last quarter survival behavior coupons! Make the last quarter pleasant & positive for your classroom. The kids LOVE these!

Data Folders for each student. student friendly and can give them ownership of their progress! This is a first grade classroom but easily can be adapted for upper grades.

My New Behavior Reward System

Getting Control of a Difficult Class- a MUST READ for any teacher at the end of his or her rope! #classroom management

Fill a bucket-reward system for good behaviors

Classroom jobs clip chart made using Donna Coleman's polkadot owl pack from TpT :)

For my new teacher friends..this is gold. Do this technique for any procedure, it works! The best "how to" from Fred Jones on establishing rules , procedures and standards in your classroom!

Whole body listening

Free Reward Coupons ~ Maybe I won't need to invest so much in my treasure box!

Great site for classroom decorating ideas.

Are you the lucky duck? {Love this classroom management FREEBIE from Tara West!}

Hide these Golden Tickets in library books or classroom books that never get read or checked out. Then reward the student that is lucky enough to discover it!

A Teeny Tiny Teacher: I Don't Use a Clip Chart. Please Don't Throw Rotten Tomatoes. I like the clothes peg system

A bunch of fun timers for the classroom. Maybe this will speed up the clean-up process

student organization

haven't seen this one before class rules

Kids bring in a picture frame of their families and the classroom is decorated with them! How sweet to connect home and school!

A great way to view bird development and behavior in your classroom.

Classroom Reward Coupons-such an easy behavior management system! Fun, too!