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from Better Homes and Gardens

Stop Squash Vine Borers in Your Garden

This disgusting little pest can turn a large, healthy squash plant into a withered mess in just a couple of days. Learn more about controlling it.

from Get Busy Gardening

How To Get Rid Of Squash Borers Organically

Squash borers might be the number one cause of death for squash plants in the garden and they sure are annoying! Learn the signs of squash borers in your garden and get tips for how to get rid of them organically. How to you control squash borers in your garden? |

from Attainable Sustainable

Organic Pest Control: Outsmart the Buggahs

Battling squash vine borer and pickleworm? Here's one tactic to try!

These cute little groundbeetles eat lots of insects (including Colorado potato beetles, corn earworms and that scourge of gardens everywhere, the squash vine borer) and even some weeds. [note to self: stop squishing them]

from The Prudent Garden

How to Get Rid of Squash Pests

Squash are prolific growers, but squash bugs and squash vine borers can ruin a crop in no time. Find out how to rid yourself of these pest without the use of pesticides.

from Gardeners Supply

Cedar A-Frame Squash Support

squash trellis