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Squashing Squash Vine Borers.

Squash borers might be the number one cause of death for squash plants in the garden and they sure are annoying! Learn the signs of squash borers in your garden and get tips for how to get rid of them organically. How to you control squash borers in your garden? | GetBusyGardening.com

How to Control Squash Vine Borer: Organic Gardening

How to remove a squash vine borer

Battling squash vine borer and pickleworm? Here's one tactic to try!

Stop Squash Vine Borers in Your Garden, this would have been helpful about a week ago!

Know your squash!

These cute little groundbeetles eat lots of insects (including Colorado potato beetles, corn earworms and that scourge of gardens everywhere, the squash vine borer) and even some weeds. [note to self: stop squishing them]

squash trellis

Jade vine

How To Grow Summer Squash: Summer Squash Tips

Potato vine, silver lotus vine, "million bells," stipa grass, purple coleus

Vertical squash growing

Butternut squash on the vine Squash vines on trellises are strong enough to support the fruits they grow. Here, a modest butternut squash hangs from the vine. I’ve had 17 pound neck pumpkins do the same. The vines hold up fine, but one year three squashes on the same side of a trellis were enough to collapse the trellis.

Akebia Quinata chocolate vine

squash blossoms

~How To Kill Squash Bugs, Squash Bug Eggs, and Nymphs~ excellent tips!

Clematis vine and window boxes in purple

Did you know that planting two or three icicle radishes by squash plants (and allowing the radishes to flower) will help prevent squash vine borers?

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Vertical Garden: Spaghetti Squash & Tomatoes♥