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The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History

Personally I'd rather have the special effect, but as they said no wonder she looks soooooo awkward all the time. Still, unless every single person in the movie was wearing a body-suit like that, there is definitely no excuse.

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I need a day like this. Wait. Actually, every day of my life could be like this if I wanted. I need the part where I lay on the couch and do nothing that goes along with it.


We dont SKINNY DIP Chunky Dunk sign wood pool spa decor

Kylie used to have some hilarious versions of lyrics... "Diarrhea Jane" was probably my favorite (Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin) LOL

'I really wanna marry the guy who whistled at me from his car' - said no woman ever. BAHAHAHA this happens all the time at work. Keep your eyes on the road please and not me. Thanks but no thanks. I'm flattered really....not. *eye roll*

.... dead on. I do this all the time there is just too much to do one here and not enough time to do everything in.... "....OMG! I love those nail I'm so going to try those... and these... and these! Awesome hair style, here let me try!!..."