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The Alexander Palace is a former imperial residence at Tsarskoye Selo, by St Petersburg, Russia. It is known as the primary residence of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II (1868-17 July 1918) & his family (all murdered 17 July 1918) & their initial place of imprisonment after the revolution that overthrew the Romanov dynasty in early 1917.

A rare and unique set of 48 Autochrome color photograph plates, taken by Alexander Zehest in 1917 of the interiors of the Alexander Palace, including both the Parade rooms and the personal rooms of the Imperial Family, have been returned to the Alexander Palace Museum. The Autochrome process was a rare and difficult one, invented by the Lumiere Brothers of France in 1903 and marketed in Europe and the US starting in 1907.

The Ropsha Palace was Czar Nicholas II’s favorite hunting and fishing retreat. Once a grand palace, today it is just ruins that represent the lost world of the Romanovs… Cr.ghost of the ipatiev house/tumblr

JULY 17, 1918 ~ the icons that belong to Nikolay II's family found after the assassination in The Ipatiev House

Pictured is the grand staircase of the Catherine Palace in 1944 as it was found by Soviet Forces after the retreat of the Nazi occupiers. Today it has been restored, as has much of the immense Catherine Palace.

Emperor Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanov (Nikolai II) (6 May 1868-17 July 1918) Russia on the balcony of the Winter Palace about to greet the crowds at the declaration of World War I, 1914.

THE ROMANOVS RESIDENCES ~ Palace interior of the residence of Empress Catherine II in Pushkin, Tsarskoye Selo, the 18th century

Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov of Russia’s French puppet theatre set that was located at the Alexander Palace in the Children’s Playroom.

View of Pavlovsk Palace in winter with the Slavianka River in the foreground. Country Residence of the Russian Imperial Family. One of the magnificent photos taken by M. Velichko.