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    Unit Name: 1st FLC, FSR, Ration Co. Baker "Camp Books, FLC Red Beach" Perimeter Guard "TET"

    • The Folly Beach Company

      Unit Name: 1st FLC, FSR, Ration Co. Baker "Camp Books, FLC Red Beach" Perimeter Guard "TET"

    • Colleen Curran

      Unit Name: 1st FLC, FSR, Ration Co. Baker "Camp Books, FLC Red Beach" Perimeter Guard "TET"

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    California Vietnam Brothers 1969 Vietnam War Unit Name: Bravo Btry 1st Bn 11th Mar

    Unit Name: C Troop, 1/1st Cav. Danang Base Name: Danang, Vietnam Muddy mess

    1st day building our bunker - 1968 - Vietnam War

    Unit Name: Team Florida, MACVSOG, CCC 1970

    MONKEY in Vietnam-Unit Name: 25 th Inf.Div.

    One of the Exploding Magazines from ASP#1 @ DaNang Which Helped Destroy Many Buildings on West Side DaNang, April 27th, 1969 - Including the Operations Site of the 6924th USAFSS Intel Unit

    Bravo CO-1968 Unit Name: 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION 2nd/16th Inf

    Unit Name: BIG RED ONE 1st Brigade Infantrymen Contact NVA North of Phu Bai

    Unit Name: Bravo Co 1/28th 1st Inf Div .50 cal gun placement at Bughouse outside Phu Loi Vietnam

    1969, Vietnam --- A US 1st Division infantry soldier on the journey to take position at Michelin Plantation, Vietnam. --- Image by © Tim Page/CORBIS

    09 May 1970, Washington, DC, USA. More than 100,000 students stand in and around the Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC, demonstrating against the recent violence used to breakup a Vietnam War protest at Kent State University. Four Kent State students were killed, and many others injured, when members of the National Guard fired tear gas and rifles into crowds of student demonstrators protesting the Nixon administration's expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia.

    South Vietnamese troops fill every available space on a ship evacuating them from Thuan An beach, near Hue, to Da Nang as Communist troops advanced in March, 1975.

    "Captain Dennis Muchlstedt working two phones while attempting to contact units of 9th Infantry who are on patrol in the South Vietnamese-Cambodian border area", by Larry Burrows, Vietnam, 1970

    A young Marine waits on the beach during the Marine landing at Da Nang, Vietnam, on August 3, 1965.

    Ladybird Books - The Little Red Hen loved loved loved this

    I remember these!

    Female lieutenant in Medical Services of the Soviet army, 1944-45. Medal for Courage, two Medals for Battle Merit, Medal "For the Defence of the Caucasus".

    The builders of a new world. #WW2 #vintage #propaganda #poster #Red_Cross

    Soviet soldiers - Stalingrad 1942

    American soldiers on the way to Omaha Beach, 1944