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MONKEY in Vietnam-Unit Name: 25 th Inf.Div.

Unit Name: BIG RED ONE 1st Brigade Infantrymen Contact NVA North of Phu Bai

Bravo CO-1968 Unit Name: 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION 2nd/16th Inf

Unit Name: Bravo Co 1/28th 1st Inf Div .50 cal gun placement at Bughouse outside Phu Loi Vietnam

Unit Name: C Troop, 1/1st Cav. Danang Base Name: Danang, Vietnam Muddy mess

Unit Name: 11TH MTBN Disembarking APA Danang RVN Christmas Day 1966

Vietnam War 1969-Unit Name: 101st airbourne 2-501 Recon Viet Nam near Fire Base Bastogne

Unit Name: Co B 1st Bn 6th Inf 198th LT B Base Name: Chulie, RVN Photo's taken in Vietnam Chulie from Sep 1970-Sep1971 Co B 1st Bn 6th Inf 198th LT Inf Bde23rd Inf Div (americal

Unit Name: USS Boston CAG-1 Base Name: Subic Bay 1968

Big Bullets! - 1962 Unit Name: 7-11th Artillery,25th div Firing the Howitzer was impressive.

Unit Name: 552ND MP CO Base Name: IIFV Chaqrlie hit the ammo dump at LongBinh in 1967

Witold Pilecki - To prove Auschwitz was killing people, & not simply a labor camp, he forged papers,entered a ghetto roundup, & was sent to Auschwitz. He redistributed food to prisoners, trained them in martial arts, & passed news out. He & a few others beat up guards, stole their clothes & left the camp carrying the guards' stolen papers. They were in the woods for 3 days, til they met up with the Home Army & passed the info on. This was the first evidence of the existence of death camps.

  • José Abreu

    Witold Pilecki - Para probar Auschwitz estaba matando a la gente, y no sólo un campo de trabajo, que forjó documentos, entró en una redada del gueto, y fue enviado a Auschwitz. Se redistribuyó la comida a los presos, los entrenó en las artes marciales, y pasó noticias cabo. Él y algunos otros golpearon a los guardias, robaron sus ropas y salió del campamento llevando papeles robados de los guardias. Ellos estaban en el bosque durante 3 días, hasta que se encontraron con el Ejército y pasó la información sobre. Esta fue la primera evidencia de la existencia de campos de concentración.