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Unit Name: 1st FLC, FSR, Ration Co. Baker "Camp Books, FLC Red Beach" Perimeter Guard "TET"

1st Battalion, 9th Marines Sniper Team, 1969

Vietnam War. A radioman comforts his friend who just survived a battle during Operation Byrd in which nearly his entire platoon was wiped out Co. A, 2/7, 1st Cav. Div. (Airmobile) 1966

For the first time in US military history, African-American soldiers fought as equals in mixed units, contrasting with the all-black units that featured in wars prior to Vietnam.

The United States Marine Corps - Page 26

Tunnel Rats Vietnam War

Helmets, rifles and jungle boots tell a grim tale of the action fought by the 1st Brigade, 101st airborne paratroopers in Operation Wheeler near Chu Lai. This battlefield memorial honors the soldiers killed during the offensive between September 11th and November 25th, 1967.

Don McCullin Vietnam war photographer, pictured here in Hue during the Tet Offensive in 1968

The only woman buried in the Special Forces cemetery at Fort Bragg, NC. Martha Raye,

Photographer CATHERINE LEROY (1944 - 2006). During Vietnam War, shot some of most brutal photographs to come out of the country. (Captured by NVA during Tet Offensive.) http://noticeverything.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/rvn-1-img_0496a3.jpg

California Vietnam Brothers 1969 Vietnam War Unit Name: Bravo Btry 1st Bn 11th Mar

1st Air Cav soldier ~ Vietnam War

Vietnam War - Tet Offensive

1st day building our bunker - 1968 - Vietnam War

Vietnam War - 1968 Tet Offensive

Vietnam War. A U.S. Marine listens for the heartbeat of a dying buddy who suffered head wounds when the companys lead platoon was hit with enemy machine gun fire as they pushed through a rice paddy just short of the demilitarized zone in South Vietnam Sept. 17, 1966. // Horst Faas?

A U.S. soldier with the U.S. 1st Cavalry, Vietnam, March 4, 1966.

Soldiers at the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War Photos: 10 Powerful Images That Will Change the Way You Think | MAGAmerica

A photo of a young US Vietnam Warrior. Look at that face and remember your worse day. "Unless you do your best, the day will come when, tired and hungry, you will halt just short of the goal you were ordered to reach, and by halting you will make useless the efforts and deaths of thousands." - Gen. George S. Patton

Khe Sanh, South Vietnam - February 04, 1968