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Unit Name: BIG RED ONE 1st Brigade Infantrymen Contact NVA North of Phu Bai

South Vietnamese troops fill every available space on a ship evacuating them from Thuan An beach, near Hue, to Da Nang as Communist troops advanced in March, 1975.

A young Marine waits on the beach during the Marine landing at Da Nang, Vietnam, on August 3, 1965.

California Vietnam Brothers 1969 Vietnam War Unit Name: Bravo Btry 1st Bn 11th Mar

Bravo CO-1968 Unit Name: 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION 2nd/16th Inf

MONKEY in Vietnam-Unit Name: 25 th Inf.Div.

Unit Name: Team Florida, MACVSOG, CCC 1970

Unit Name: C Troop, 1/1st Cav. Danang Base Name: Danang, Vietnam Muddy mess

Unit Name: Bravo Co 1/28th 1st Inf Div .50 cal gun placement at Bughouse outside Phu Loi Vietnam

1969, Vietnam --- A US 1st Division infantry soldier on the journey to take position at Michelin Plantation, Vietnam. --- Image by © Tim Page/CORBIS