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A Cat Trapeze - looks like good times for the cat; a fun diy here to find out more

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2 Level Hanging Cat Bed, Coral Print Kitty Cloud

Hmmm... Am sure mine would looove this one! Would look quite great to hang it from the stairs into the living room. Would need at least four stories though :-)

The Cat's Trapezefrom The Cat's Trapeze

Cat's Trapeze • 2 pillow • cotton • natural

The Cat's Trapeze with a hammock !!!

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Hanging Cat Cuddle Pod

Hanging cat cradle

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Making Sleeping Arrangements: Creative Ideas for Cat Beds

Our little furry friends. They’re comfortable living the simple life in cardboard boxes. But here are some unique and more comfortable bed ideas for your cats, including some ideas on how to make your own. Upcycled and DIY Ideas Upcycled computer monitors, just like the one in picture (1), and old TVs can be turned […]

Cat bed. Mount a basket to the wall with brackets and add a scratching board and blanket for this cute little day bed

DIY Over Heat Register Pet Hammock 2

DIY cat tree made from an old wooden ladder, outdoor carpeting, left over wood and jute wrapped around the bottom for a scratching post. Hammock is just material and a towel. Super fun, cheap and easy to make!

The whole time all I kept thinking is why is he wearing a leash hahaha

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Interesting Projects For Your Pets- Cats And Dogs

When we concentrate so much in decorating our house and furniture why not spare some time for your beloved pets? You can make some of the interesting furniture for the little member in your house s...

DIY Cat Water Fountain Under $15 - click on the flickr link for the full explanation. I made this today, not only is it a great DIY idea but my cats love it. Mine was around $25 because I bought a pretty good quality filter. I also love that the replacement cartridges won't be hard to find unlike other car fountains I've had.

cool, but how do you clean the dust off of all of those? Plus... it would be snowing hair all of the time.

DIY cardboard cathouse-- only change I think I'd make is a sturdy, flat roof with a cat bed on top, so one of my girls can keep an eye on the other one AND me at the same time! LOL

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DIY Low Track Cat Litter Box

My husband made one of these years ago. It works great! It also helps from keeping dogs from eating the "treasures" they find in there.

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27 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box

27 DIY Solutions for Hiding the Litter Box - with 8 litter-box users in this apartment, not a bad thing to look into. Unfortunately, one of them is an arthritic Maine Coon (which means most of those tiny openings wouldn't fit his head),a nd four of them are rabbits. Still...


Easy Pet Project: How to Make a Cat Hammock

Your cat can have as much fun playing in this hammock as you have making it.

Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toys: "Knotty Spider" awesome toys for kitty. My son and I have three of these toys already.