A Cat Trapeze - looks like good times for the cat; a fun diy ...........click here to find out more http://googydog.com

The Cat's Trapeze with a hammock !!!

Cat tree made from cardboard boxes. Could work for bunnies too

Hanging cat cradle

Hmmm... Am sure mine would looove this one! Would look quite great to hang it from the stairs into the living room. Would need at least four stories though :-)

Our little furry friends. They’re comfortable living the simple life in cardboard boxes. But here are some unique and more comfortable bed ideas for your cats, including some ideas on how to make your own. Upcycled and DIY Ideas Upcycled computer monitors, just like the one in picture (1), and old TVs can be turned […]

How To Teach Your Cat To Poop In The Toilet. I'm allergic to cats, but if I ever get an inside one, TOTALLY doing this.

A small catio lean-to.

Cat years

Wooden Cat Stacking Game. $19.99 - Each set includes six cats in various poses. Laser cut from solid teak, the cats come in 4 different sets including a vast array of cat poses such as the "stretch & yawn", "play time", "shrug of indifference," and the classic "feed me or I'll bite your legs." Cats measure approx. 1" x 1"

cat tree

Cat window

Cat Tree. DIY. Branch. Homemade for Cats.

DIY Pyramid House for Cat DIY House for Cat

And this scratcher will give your cat's nails a workout. | 26 DIYs Your Pet Will Totally Appreciate

cat diy

DIY cat puzzle tutorials

Fun DIY dog collar idea: trim the collar off a child-sized button-down shirt to make a cute collar for your pup. It's a great way to “dress up” your dog without making him wear clothes!


Cat lady love.

Strange Facts about Cats