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I quickly fell in love with the PalmPilot and the whole PDA thing. Eventually made a set of AppleScripts to try to turn my iPod into a half-baked Palm.

When Apple bought NeXT, I knew I had to try one out. Really fantastic stuff.

Ahh.. The VAIO x505. Bought it to take to Denver so I could work remotely while I visited my girlfriend. Since said girlfriend is now my wife, I'm calling this one of my best investments ever... even if it did run Windows.

iPad, I will miss Steve Jobs unveiling awesome new technology wearing his horrendous black turtle necks.

Got a IIc to round out my collection. I'm pretty sure I never had a boot disk for it. Pretty design though, one of the best Frog designs.

ISC (Intelligent Systems Corp) CompuColor II The CompuColor II, also called the "Renaissance Machine", is said to be the first home-computer available with a colour display. ISC (Intelligent Systems Corp), who was a large color computer manufacturer, conceived the CompuColor II built into a RCA color TV chassis (sans tuner assembly). The main problem of the system was that the machine had *no* RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) shielding what-so-ever and the FCC was soon on their butts.

Possibly my favorite computer I've ever owned. The 12" Powerbook was solid yet demure and just the right size.

This barely squeezed into this list as an integrated phone/PDA. Held an address book, had a crappy browser, ran apps. My iPhone gets mad if I talk about it.

The Tandy 100: The first sub-notebook. Ran on AA batteries pretty much forever. (Although it had no storage, only RAM, so when the batteries ran out, so did your work.)