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  • Amanda Allen

    I love wet puppies!! Not so much the smell, but they look so cute wet!!

  • Angela Cockrell

    Golden puppy bath time. Look at the cute little face.

  • Paula Pater

    Cute Wet Little Puppy cute alcohol animals puppy little wet instagram instagram pictures instagram graphics instagram quotes

  • Laura Allison

    Wet dogs are so cute!

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Golden wiggle! Starts at the head and goes through every square inch right to the tip of the tail. And sometimes right back to the head again.

Ol' Red [EXPLORE] by crisbyy, via Flickr

"I hope you can read my mind, because this ball is stuck in my mouth, and I would really appreciate some help getting it out. Then, once you get it out, I would like to play fetch."

mommy and baby. thats so cute its like mother and son. dogs are the most cutest thing im a doglover. like if ur a doglover

This reminds me of my cocker spaniel, Bandit! He was a tricolor cocker so he was black, brown and white!

Well...hello! I can't believe I found this online. I have this same picture cut out from our newspaper - dated June 1, 2001. "Unusual Friendship" "Three years of daily meetings have fanned an apparent friendship between Chino, a 9-year-old golden retriever, and his favorite fish, Falstaff. The pair live at the Medford, Oregon, home of Dan and Mary Health." here to find out more

I just found my own dog on Pintrest - and I didn't put him there!

Palamino Color Beagle.... rare, I actually had one once. This photo was an eerie memory. ...

greyhound feet - either you're way behind them with dust in your eyes or they're redirecting warm snooze air.