Great article about lenses!!

Great visual to help explain different Canon lenses. Sarah Ainsworth Photography (I know someone who might like this)

Aperture explained

Aperture explained in pictures. Shows how different aperture settings affect exposure.only one part of the exposure triangle.ISO and Shutter Speed are the other two.

Great Lens example.  If you’re stuck trying to figure out what the numbers followed by “mm” refer to when talking...

A Visual Guide to Focal Lengths (I Heart Faces)

Digital Photography Exposure Guide Road to Photography via

Basic Digital Photography Exposure Guide Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the category. Check out Basic Digital Photography Exposure Guide now!

Expert Photography. 100 tips

100 Photography Tips Welcome to ExpertPhotography’s top 100 photography tips, picked from the best tutorials of and brought together in one place, for your ease. These tips are extracts from a variety of to the tutorials, where you’ll find much

You really can get soft light from your pop-up flash, with a little help from The Pop-Up Flash Bounce.

The Deluxe Pop-up Flash Bounce

You really can get soft light, with a little help from The Pop-Up Flash Bounce. ---(I like the comparison pics but the product name makes me think of some sort of stripper move -pop-up-flash-bounce-) is it just me?

Choosing the Right Lens | Shoot Fly Shoot

Telephoto Zoom Lens With mm of view points. This would be used to for the depth of field and being able to adjust that until focus.

how to clean a camera lens

Learn How to Clean Your Camera Lens

Some helpful information about cleaning your lens properly. I always have a lens pen with me!