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  • Kimberly-Gene Benson

    This is so true it's frightening! I waited 19 years for my first boyfriend and I couldn't be happier! The Lord placed him in my life and I know this because he was the last person I thought I would be with but he's perfect! He's everything that I need and secretly everything that I wanted

  • marcie hill

    God is so good. So true!!!

  • Brooke Willis

    All of God's princesses need to remember this!

  • Ashley McMahon

    AMEN! Now if only all teens and young women would just trust in God's timing and His ways. Their hearts would be joyful knowing He will bring the perfect mate to them. And if not, it was not meant to be because God's plan is better !

  • Tracy O'Brien

    I have to remember this! It's on God's time not mine... It's God's will not mine... I must only believe!

  • Sarah Owen

    God is so good.~~ My Princess, Don' you believe that I know who you will marry, and that I'm capable of leading you to that right person? Can you also believe that I am the God of all creation? I know you better than you know yourself. I am perfectly able to bring this person into your life in My own time, in My own way. ...and I don't need you help. God

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God is within her, she will not fail... God' s promises for my daughter, #daughter #faith

Definitely need to put this up on a wall somewhere because I keep stressing out and getting worried about things not going the way they should. I need to relax. He's got it. :') ♥

Downloads are available at ibibleverses.chri... So Abraham prayed unto God: and God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maidservants; and they bare children. -Genesis 20:17 #healing #Genesis

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It always seems impossible until it's done

Once we have called, our next step is to watch. He has never broken a promise and He is promising to show us great and mighty things we do not know. God finds joy not only in our asking but also in our anticipation that follows. Lets not rob Him of them!

Communication is both an expressive, message-sending, and a receptive, message-receiving, process. Failure to communicate effectively can be due to a problem on either or both ends of the process. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be direct and honest; don't dance around the issue or play games.

I hate this quote, mostly because it is referring to a relationship. If there is only one reason why you should stay, you need to leave. Do not settle for this person that makes you question your feelings towards them. Don't settle for the guy that gives you these other reason to not stay! Stop settling get the hell up and move the hell on

This was one of the things I began doing about right months ago that has changes my life and brought me back to myself.

a sense of reassurance, that something so minuscule can become so great. so grand that its' branches can tower over you, and have the ability to shelter you with its' very own limbs that grew out of a single acorn seed. now that, that, is grand.

They say that ...when you find yourself, try to become a better person all your shitty friend ...well, they will be gone. God will not allow you to work on you, let you get better and heal and keep bad friends that influence you the wrong way. that is not going to happen.