DIY dino hoodie tutorial!

Dinosaur face painting

DIY time out chair (make with 2 liter bottles! GENIUS!) This is an awesome idea!

DIY Dinosaur :)


pink tutu

diy dinosaur hoodie. Wish I had this 5 years ago when my nephew would have Loved it

Guest Project -- Dragon Tails {sewing tutorial} Going to have to find someone to make these since I can't sew! :)

DIY ribbon tank


fox in the pocket hoodie

These dinosaur tails are great for Halloween, and an awesome accessory for make-believe play year-round

Suburbia Soup: Hoodie Scarf Tutorial

diy headband... @Kathleen S S Cervenka, surely we got SOME of G-ma's handiwork in our blood... I can absolutely see your baby girl with one of these!

pp: T shirt DIY

Homemade Marshmallow Shooter Kit - The comments on the blog crack me up. Some should be taken seriously though. Might be a choking hazard for the little ones...just like anything SUPERVISE your kids! Supervise and have fun with them!! =)

Twink costume ~ I loved rainbow brite!