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Blue Butterfly on a Pink Flower

sunflower and butterflies

beautiful colours / "Impossível progredir sem mudança, e aqueles que não mudam suas mentes, não podem mudar nada." (George Bernard Shaw)

Lovely. about 20 years ago, I walked out my back door to go get my mail and found about 20 or thirty of these little blue butterflies drinking in a puddle by my screen door. I reached down and cupped them in my hands and they fluttered and then settled back down to drink again. it was a unique experience. never saw a blue butterfly again. tiny little things. about the size of a dime.

Estad quietos ,y conoced que yo soy Dios..sal 46: 10, déjalo actúar a él ,no seas de tropiezo

Red Butterfly on White Tulips ~ Photo: Gary Gay

Gorgeous teal colored butterfly #teal #butterflies #wildlife #nature





Butterfly Visiting a Sunflower by Rebecca Haas

blue butterfly


~~ Orange Tulips and Butterfly ~~

delicate swallowtail

beauty of nature-blue flower and butterfly

I love this blue and rust together.

blue butterflies