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Ombré glitter nails- I'm going to try this next time! Ombré hair and ombré nails- can't live without

Sparkly peach nails with single diamonds. Change the silver to gold though.

18 Fantastic Silver Nail Designs

Pretty Coral Color + Rhinestones + Glitter Nail Don't need the rhinestones, but love the colors.

How to fix a broken nail!

Tutorial: How to fix a broken finger nail. Not sure what type of (nail band-aid)

These look like Glinda the good witch nails to me!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! A wonderful song and a cool idea for a winter wedding manicure, don’t you think?

Sencillo tutorial

Glitter nail tips finally perfected. Paint nails, get a sponge and put glitter nail polish on sponge. Once nails are try, dab the sponge onto your nail. Perfected glitter tipped nails.

32 idea for nail design white wit colourful stripes

use rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper to create the nails you want! Wonder if it works.

Find some thing in the news paper you want your nails to say paint them the color you want then stick the paper on there make sure u look at the extra things you will need....

worded nails 1 polish nails 2 dip nail in alcohol for 5 seconds 3 press newspaper onto nail for 5 se 2