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  • Messiah College

    Corrie Ten Boom would know a thing or two about trusting God. If you haven't already, read the story of her life in "The Hiding Place."

  • Kristin Barron

    amen. This is one of my favorite quotes from Corrie Ten Boom.

  • Kristi

    The truth. God will put you where you need to be to learn the lessons, love the people, do the best in the situation. Trusting God is easy.. Trusting another person.. that is another matter. Free Will is a blessing gift from God. Some people abuse it.

  • Ruthanne Shepherd

    The Lord God is FAITHFUL and can be TRUSTED!

  • Bethany Griffith

    need to always remember this. corrie ten boom was an amazing, godly woman.

  • Pamela Mathis

    She was such a wise women

  • Slaam Duke

    she was a great one #corrietenboom

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