Turn old lantern into birdfeeder @Faye Tipton

Birdcage Birdfeeder

Bird Feeder A flower pot is glued between two clay saucers (different sizes) then set inside a hanging basket, one saucer for seed and one for water.

Simple DIY Planter Hangers

Bird feeder made from old lantern

Garden Sign

I LOVE this, what a good idea for bird feeder or watering station!

Love This Idea!!

I think I'm in love with the website. I want to try every idea to bring an antique flair to my gardens!!


Vases turned into candle lanterns.

Recycled Teacup Bird Feeder

Tea cup bird feeder

Humming bird feeders made from old wine bottles

log bird feeder

Love this....old scale used for hanging basket

teacup bird feeder

Bird feeder. Excellent!

beautiful landscape lighting